Welcome to the homepage of the International Community interested in Grammatical Inference

You have found the official homepage of the ICGI. This community is mainly interested in Grammatical Inference of languages. (Grammatical Inference is also known as Grammar Induction, Grammatical Induction, or Grammar Inference.)

Grammatical Inference, variously referred to as automata induction, grammar induction, and automatic language acquisition, refers to the process of learning of grammars and languages from data. Machine learning of grammars finds a variety of applications in syntactic pattern recognition, adaptive intelligent agents, diagnosis, computational biology, systems modeling, prediction, natural language acquisition, data mining and knowledge discovery, to name a few

ICGI’20/21 word cloud

Traditionally, grammatical inference has been studied by researchers in several research communities including: Information Theory, Formal Languages, Automata Theory, Language Acquisition, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computational Learning Theory, Neural Networks, etc. Over the past years, the International Colloquiums on Grammatical Inference (ICGI), workshops and tutorials have sought to bring together researchers working on grammatical inference in these areas.

A lot of information on grammatical inference and related areas is available on the world wide web. This homepage is designed to be a centralized resource information on Grammatical Inference and its applications. We hope that this information will be useful to both newcomers to the field as well as seasoned campaigners.

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